Professional Language Services


If you need professional translation services to Polish or any other languages, you are at the right place. My name is Rafal Piasta and I have been providing professional language services since 2000. I am specialized in translating, editing and managing translation projects in configuration with Polish and English for translation agencies worldwide.

Despite the fact that my customers are mainly translation agencies ordering the Polish or English, my offer covers also many other languages. Don't hesitate to contact me when you are a producer, importer, reseller or specialized service provider, looking professionals for these or any other languages.

I am fully responsible for all the project related matters, such as orders reviewing and confirming, ensuring approvals, effective supervision, right quality, payment control, etc. The aim is to satisfy our customers and contract related sides.

Our customers get exactly what they need, according to records of agreements and purchase orders.

NOTES - worth knowing:

1. If you represent a translation agency, you can be probably interested only in the Polish language. I can submit a competitive, reasonable offer, helping to solve your problem and win.
2. If you represent other company, not translation agency, I can provide you with any languages. Professional translation or localization services for companies other than translation agencies usually require running more complicated process because a separate verification is needed, which cost is minimum ca. 30-50% of the translation price. Proper translations are necessary for safety and trust. No machine translation without human eyes and brains cannot ensure such properties.

More about me

I graduated from Kielce University of Technology in Poland and have many years of experience from many positions in mechanical, machinery and weapon production sectors. My first steps in translating and interpreting were around 1999 nd 2000, but as a professional translator, interpreter and translation service provider I started to work in 2007. As a certified auditor and quality manager I have many certifications, extensive knowledge and experience in integrated management systems. I know a lot about procurement, logistics and inventory management, quality assurance, quality management, project management, maintenance for machinery and equipment, marketing, sales, international trading, trade control, supply chains, Human Resources Management (HR), Lean Management/Lean Manufacturing - Lean Enterprise, and similar. As a professional linguist and translation service provider I help effectively in many needs.

My personal expertise in translation and editing covers general law (tenders/agreements/contracts) - technology and production (machinery; manuals, devices, medicalm devices, machinery for printing industry, radars, IT solutions, hardware and software, Forex platforms, and similar), - management systems (QMS, QA, QS, ISO, ERP, HR, SAP, Lean, and similar), such systems as: ISO 9001, AQAP, ISO 14001, WSK, ISO TS 16949, VDA, etc.


Poland, Skarzysko-Kamienna, November 12th, 2017.